MMC Games Sport Jersey Uniform

Designed with passion

MMC Games is an arena of sports events organized by MMC Group of Companies, aiming to foster a spirit of competitive sportsmanship and unity among its participants. This sporting extravaganza brings together 11 companies under the MMC Group, promoting camaraderie and teamwork. Aligned with MMC’s core values of “Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, Excellence, and Commitment,” the games aim to showcase the company’s dedication to these principles.

The sports featured in the event include Volleyball, Bowling, Football, Ping Pong, Netball, Dart, and Chess, providing a diverse range of activities to engage all participants. To ensure optimum comfort and performance, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) sport jerseys are made from 100% microfiber polyester, a quick-drying fabric suitable for various weather conditions. The innovative design approach of Full dye sublimation enhances the jerseys, as it fuses the intricate designs into the fabric using heat and ink. This process allows for vibrant colors, logos, names, and numbers to be seamlessly integrated into the fabric, adding to the overall appeal of the uniforms. With MMC Games, the employees and companies within MMC Group find themselves united in the pursuit of excellence through the joy of sports.